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Anne Qvist
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Anne Qvist Design Office

Design in context
Anne Qvist’s design takes its starting-point in the particular nature of the task. It is not the style that comes first, but rather the unique character of the commission that determines the design. The task and the collaboration on the projects are what help to give form to an Anne Qvist design.

"Design is a serious profession that involves many processes, many people and many different types of knowledge – all of which is condensed into an Anne Qvist design. " Anne Qvist’s design expresses a sense of pragmatism, combined with a respect for both the craftsmanship and the context. These concepts are rooted in Anne Qvist’s educational background at the Aarhus School of Architecture, and subsequently in her work as a designer and design manager at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Arkitema Architects, respectively. .

"Style is just a straitjacket – Anne Qvist believes in changeability and diversity. " An important theme in Anne Qvist’s universe is scale. Her design ranges from the small scale of the fixture to the medium scale of furniture design and the large scale of extensive interior design projects – each time retaining focus on the user, the context and the space in which the design will function.

"A design should always relate to a body. A chair should relate to the room, and interior design to the architecture."

This sense of scale is linked to a quest for modesty. For Anne Qvist, it is important that her design can enter into many different contexts. It should be used. It should function. And it should be human. "Modest design does not shout its good style at you, but speaks quietly and precisely. Modest design possesses meaning, and is meaningful to many – not just a few." Anne Qvist places design in a larger context: in a room, a life, a society – design that means something and changes something. Design in context!

Anne Strange Stelzner, Kunsthistoriker